Solar Panel Design & Feasibility Analysis

Our design teams perform the following:

  • Analyze the previous 12 months of electric bill usage
  • Perform remote site assessment
  • Perform Analysis
  • Design and layout the system
  • Financial Costs and Analysis Options
    • a. Leasing
    • b. Financing
    • c. Cash Purchase

Residential Solar

Why Should You Go Solar?

California SB 1399 Mandates Solar Panels On New Home Construction

Now that you know that California believes that solar is good for our future and that solar will reduce our electric bills, what about you?

Now is the time to go solar and let Eagles Nest Energy, Inc. assist you with:

  1. Determining if going solar makes sense for you
  2. Designing the right solar system and size for you
  3. Permitting, installation and inspection of the solar system for you
  4. Determining which payment option is right for you:
    • Financing
    • Leasing
    • Cash
  5. Activation, obtaining the utility company’s approval to connect to their grid
  6. Monitoring service to oversee the systems performance
  7. Obtaining your 30% Tax Credit from the Federal Government

With very high electric rates (as high as 35¢ per kilowatt hour and going higher) in the top tiers, can you afford to stay with your electrical utility company?

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Commercial Solar

Solar energy has never been easier or more affordable

Small business owners often find themselves in a predicament whereby they pay the highest electricity rates compared to larger, more industrial companies and sometimes even residential customers. However, these small businesses may also see the biggest financial impact to their cash-flow when investing in a solar electric system. If you have rooftop space, land area, or carport space, you have an unused area that can help offset your operational expenditures. Power your business and reduce your monthly electricity overhead.

Business Justifications for Solar

Solar can dramatically reduce your operating costs from Day 1, while protecting your business from rising energy rates. Most importantly, solar helps decrease your carbon footprint and in increasing areas, help you meet environmental requirements. Simply put, solar makes good financial sense.

  • Solar energy systems have little/no moving parts which means minimal operation and maintenance (O&M) is needed
  • 25-year warranty gives you peace of mind
  • Solar dramatically reduces your utility operational expenses
  • Producing your own electricity from solar protects you from rising energy rates in the future
  • Many businesses achieve 15-25% in after-tax returns
  • Government incentives and rebates may reduce 30% or more of costs
  • Solar helps you meet government-mandated greenhouse gas emission targets by reducing your carbon footprint

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